Monday, April 11, 2011

Why does red hair color fade so fast?

    The main reason that reds fade so quickly is that many years ago the FDA determined that the red dye stock molecule we used in our industry caused cancer in laboratory rats when you gave it to them in ridiculously excessive amounts. My thoughts on the subject were that rats already have a rough life, why would they want to make them live in a cage and deliberatly cause them to get cancer?
   Back to the subject, the dye stock that they replaced had a smaller molecular size than the one that they replaced it with, wich allowed it to penetrate deeply into the cuticle layer of the hair shaft giving it a better chance of staying in the hair for a longer period of time. The one that we are currently allowed to use, with it's larger molecular size, sits in the outer layer of the cuticle where it washes out of the hair more quickly.
   Another thing to consider is that the very bold, intense colors that are popular with some of our younger guests are only designed to stay in the hair for eight to ten shampooings. So,if you are looking for a more permanent color they are not a good option for you to choose.
   Sun and heat are an artificial redheads worst enemy.Keeping your hair covered during the sun and fun of summer is not always practical but it will slow down the rate at wich your color fades. Check your water temperature when showering or bathing. To some, a scalding hot shower feels good in the morning but it will make your color fade faster.Keeping your hair in optimum condition by using a professional shampoo and conditioner will help you keep your color longer. Check with your stylist as to what products will work best for your hair.


  1. I love reds very much! But I will always say if someone wants a bold red but doesn't want to color they're hair often they might want to consider a more natural red that will fade to a color that still looks pretty rather than a bright red that will normally fade to a dingy, orange color

  2. I am a huge fan of bright, crazy, INTENSE reds. Recently I tried a couple of Feria Power Reds.
    My daughter gave me a shampoo called 'Riveting Reds' and it has made an amazing difference in the fading. Even with 4 inches of dark roots, the red part is still very red and so close to the original dye color!
    I have had my hair nearly every wild color. I found that the bright blue faded worse than anything else. If not for that and the bleaching, it would be my favorite. Why does blue fade so easily and so FAST?